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Empower your Employees or Recruit them.

We're always happy to start a new partnership.

Find out below how you or your company can become a part of our community. 

You can also post a job on our website, which will allow you to reach our community network.

Work with Us.

There are three ways in which you can work with us, depending on what you are looking to achieve for your company:

Become a partner

Without the support of our pro-bono event hosts and voluntary speakers, the work we do would be impossible. Nominate your senior employees to give talks or let us know if your venue could play host to our next event.

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Sponsor a programme

Half of our revenue is generated via sponsorship and charitable donations. Get involved and share your brand with thousands of tech professionals.

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Employ our intrapreneurs

Our intrapreneurs are exceptionally diverse and talented: whatever the role, we can help you find someone who’s the perfect fit. Partner with us and receive tailored support from our team of specialised consultants. 

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Post a Job

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