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Our website is currently under construction. However, you’ll be able to find the necessary information about The Intrapreneurs Club on this page.


Changing the trajectory of underserved young people’s lives by providing a pathway into tech employment.

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Our Social Impact

By delivering our accelerator programme to young people, we aim to achieve the following:

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95% complete the programme and are accredited in the professional and technical skills they developed.

76% go on to be employed by our partners.

65% continue with their 'experienced mentors,’ providing long term career support.

Our accelerator programme provides access to business community networks, technical and personal/professional development masterclasses (led by industry experts), mentoring, and much more. We offer practical workplace support to young people, from school into their early careers, with the option of a career lifetime of mentoring support.

An equitable future


Very recently, we delivered a programme in partnership with a large banking company that relies both on technology and investment in creating recruitment pipelines into technical roles.

The Intrapreneurs Club designed a programme that had a cohort, all from low socio-economic and ethnically diverse backgrounds. 76% of our participants were offered a summer internship with our corporate partner.

We were able to raise our young people’s aspirations, and provide them with a pathway into tech employment; they now have the opportunity to successfully secure a graduate job at a well-established company, which was previously not possible.

With your support, we look to expand upon our existing impact. The Intrapreneurs Club aims for 85% of our young people to be in sustained employment in the tech sector, and for 60% to be employed over the course of 3 years.

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Our focus

Social mobility and economic wellbeing are two pressing issues for young people from low-income and ethnically diverse backgrounds. They often do not have access to the networks required to improve their chances of meaningful sustainable employment. Our charitable organisation aims to change this.

The Intrapreneurs Club launched in January 2020, before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 and the death of George Floyd in May 2020. Our mission then became even more pressing as the impact of these events has disproportionately affected young people in the long-term, especially those from low socioeconomic and ethnic diverse backgrounds.

As an organisation, we have experienced significant demand to take action to improve these issues. We do this by providing disadvantaged young people with a pathway into tech, a sector that is experiencing a skills shortage for high-paid job roles, like software development and product design. We prepare our young people for these roles via our accelerator programme.

If you would like to join our journey of supporting disadvantaged young people, please get in touch at

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